Specialklubben för Västgötaspets

SKV breed shows

For foreign exhibitors

You have to be a member of SKV to enter your dog to a SKV show.
Entry form for SKV shows will be found  —>>here

Download and save the entry form to your computer.
Complete the form, save and e-mail it to utstallkom@vastgotaspets.se

Change of judges may be needed.




Fees for a SKV show:
Valpklass / Puppy Class – 150 SEK
Juniorklass / Junior Class – 250 SEK
Unghundsklass / Intermediate Class – 250 SEK
Öppen klass / Open Class – 250 SEK
Championklass / Champion Class – 250 SEK
Veteranklass / Veteran Class – 190 SEK

The fee should be paid to SKV’s account 

IBAN: SE81 9500 0099 6026 0890 9293

Please label your payment with the registration number and the official name of the dog.
From the 3rd entered dog in an official class with the same owner you pay only half the fee.
Please deduct the sum from your payment.



Thursday May 25th  Gränna (Getingaryds camping)
Judges: Nina Karlsdotter (males) and Karl-Erik Johansson (females)

Sunday September 10th  Gimo
Judge: Jussi Liimatainen

Entry via snail mail to
Ann-Kristin Svanström
Ålstad Berget 5, 461 97 Sjuntorp

Questions via  utstallkom@vastgotaspets.se or by telephone 070-962 4135


Thursday May 10th  Tånga Hed

Saturday August 4th  Svenstavik