Specialklubben för Västgötaspets


Do you need to get in contact with someone within the SKV?

Chairman of the Board: ordf@vastgotaspets.se
Vice Chairman: v-ordf@vastgotaspets.se
Cashier: kassor@vastgotaspets.se
The board: styrelse@vastgotaspets.se

Exterior describing committée: beskrivningskom@vastgotaspets.se
Herding committée: vallanlagkom@vastgotaspets.se

Puppy holders list: valpar@vastgotaspets.se

SKV show committée: utstallkom@vastgotaspets.se

If it’s too difficult to navigate in Swedish you can e-mail webmasterskv@vastgotaspets.se and I’ll redirect you to the appropriate committee.