Specialklubben för Västgötaspets

Puppy info

If you are interested in a puppy from Sweden, you are most welcome to contact our Puppy List Holders.
Please note that the very best is for you to contact breeders directly with requests (links below).

You can reach us at valpar@vastgotaspets.se

Birgit Svensson
mobile: +46 70 910 74 88 (Swedish and English)

Åsa Dahlberg (Swedish and English)
mobile: +46 73 349 99 11

Our puppy sites (in Swedish):
>>Planned matings
>>Mated bitches
>>Puppies, 6-12 months
>>Breeders A-Ö (kennel names)
>>Breeders by county

An aid to understand the ads (pdf-file)