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Rasstandarden i USA

Fredagen den 18/12 kunde vi i en grupp för uppfödare av Västgötaspets runt världen läsa att SVCA (rasklubben i USA) förbereder för en ändring av standarden hos AKC (amerikanska kennelklubben). Styrelsen startade omgående att ta fram en kommentar om hur vi ser på att ändra standarden utan att föra en dialog med oss som rasklubb i ursprungslandet. Kommentaren som publicerades söndag 20/12 mottogs positivt av flera. Jag fick till och med PM från amerikanska uppfödare som tackade för stöd.

Vi jobbar nu vidare med en skrivelse till både SVCA och AKC om vår syn på detta. USA är inte med i FCI så rent juridiskt kan vi inte göra något åt detta men vi kommer att framföra vår ståndpunkt och bjuda in till samarbete snarare än att skapa konfrontation. Behöver vi kommer vi att se om vi kan få hjälp från SKK. Brevet kommer att publiceras så snart det är sänt vilket sannolikt sker efter helgerna.

SKV:s kommentar:
A lot has been written here on FB regarding the plan of SVCA to change the standard of our breed.
Many are for it and others cannot see the point of it.
Many has stated various points they feel should be changed. They have described their own dogs measurement, weight and other things
We, The Swedish Vallhund Club (SKV), do not feel this is the place to discuss such an important thing.

Without being rude or condescending IN ANY WAY we do feel this should be taken up between various clubs and societies and not just loose comments.
Breeders and enthusiasts here in Sweden have, since the first half of 1940s, (80 years) worked hard to maintain and present the SV as we see it today with very few alterations.

Serious and genuine breeders in US import both live dogs and semen from us and other Scandinavian countries. They seem happy with the result. So why change?

Not being a member of the FCI America, SVCA and AKC, can of course do as they please with the standard we have built up. BUT WHY? The world of dogs, among other things, are shrinking. It is so easy to import than in previous years.

Now if every country outside the FCI had their own standard such as USA, UK, NZ, Australia, Canada and others, HOW WOULD IT END? Judges would most certainly be confused and even more important, breeders in various countries would meet many surprises. Why not stick to one standard for the sake of our breed. It did begin here and we do feel we are the guardian of the breed and you probably and rightfully feel the same about your national breeds.

As Sweden is the country of origin, responsible for the breeds standard and it’s history we will again point out we should be the mentor for the rest of the world, through the standard.
We are more than willing to cooperate around the world to keep our breed true to its origin as well as maintaining it sound and healthy.

Please take this as an invitation to a worldwide collaboration for our lovely breed and dogs.

And, not the least, please feel free to contact us, we are more than pleased to be of any assistance. You find our contact details on our website, www.vastgotaspets.se. It is in Swedish but I will see if we can add the contacts and some organisational details under our English section.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best regards on behalf of SKV board of directors.

Mats Berglind
President SKV